The Subsidence Forum Training Day 2022

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The Subsidence Forum Training Day 2022

What a fantastic event we had this year at the subsidence Forum Training day held at Tewin Bury farm on the 13th October 2022. Over 100 delegates attended the sell out  event to watch demonstrations across five different areas:

  • Subsidence Repair Methods demonstrated by Helefix and Underpin & Makegood
  • Heave – Demonstrated by Martin Dobson Associates
  • Root Barrier & Satellite Monitoring – Demonstrated by Optera
  • Tree Valuations – Demonstrated by Tamla Trees Ltd
  • Subsidence Leak Detection Investigation – Demonstrated by Catalyst

The event started by a welcome from the Subsidence Forum Chair, Sarah Dodd who during registration asked how each delegate travelled to the event and explained that her reason for this was to calculate the event’s carbon footprint. Groups were then taken to their first two demonstration where they watched live demonstrations on each area for 25 minutes.

During lunch, delegates and demonstrators had the opportunity to network and visit our exhibitors:

  • Catalyst
  • ASUC
  • Doree Bonner
  • Shire Structures

Catalyst gave everyone a chance to win a bottle of champagne or a pineapple plant and Doree Bonner gave out plush cats and wireless charging pads!

After three more demonstrations during the afternoon, the event was closed by a speech from Sarah, who advised that having meticulously crunching numbers throughout the day, the carbon footprint for the event came out at 5.57 tonnes of Co2 eq. Ross king, Ron Mace and Sarah Dodd agreed to share the purchase of the offsets in the name of their companies, marking the Subsidence Forum Training Day a Carbon Neutral event.

Thank you to all who demonstrated, exhibited, and attended the event, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Sarah Dodd, Chair of Subsidence Forum carbon footprinting the event.

Catalyst demonstrating Leak Detection

Martin Dobson demonstration on Heave

Root Barrier & Satellite Monitoring being demonstrated by Optera

Tree Valuations demonstrated by Tamla Trees

Subsidence Repair Methods demonstrated by Helefix and Underpin & Makegood


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