The 4th edition of the Subsidence Handbook provides an excellent practical guide to subsidence in domestic property, which draws together key information from each of the disciplines and presents them in a format which is easy to use and understand. The book guides the reader through the various stages of a subsidence claim in a logical manner, initially giving an outline of what subsidence heave and landslip is and the way to spot them. This is followed by defects which are commonly confused with subsidence heave and landslip. Throughout the book a “model house” has been used to illustrate the key stages of a subsidence claim. The house is an inter-war semi-detached property familiar in towns across the country.

The cost of the Handbook is £10 plus £2.95 p&p.

The full list of contents is:-

The Model House
Chapter 1 – what is subsidence – Heave and Landslip
Chapter 2 – what is not subsidence Heave and Landslip
Chapter 3 – what is a house?
Chapter 4 – Site investigations- establishing the cause
Chapter 5 – Mitigation abating the cause
Chapter 6 – Substructure repairs – the bit below ground
Chapter 7 – Superstructure Repairs – the bit above ground
Chapter 8 – Alternative Forms of Claims settlement
Chapter 9 – Alternative Accommodation
Chapter 10 – Legislation
Chapter 11 – Recovery Actions – Legal aspects
Chapter 12 – Regulation and Disputes Resolution
Chapter 13 – ABI subsidence Agreements
Case Histories

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