Subsidence understandably creates considerable concern for many reasons, and perhaps the greatest underlying factor is, thankfully for most who never encounter it, lack of familiarity.

Subsidence, the cause, cannot be seen. All that can be seen are the consequent cracks. Given that it cannot be seen then it is of course understandable to question – so how do you indentify it? And once it has been mysteriously identified how can you tell if you have cured it, and whether its going to come back. The process of investigation can be quick in straightforward cases (as most are) although can involve a period of specialist investigation in complex situations. Until the matter is confidently resolved that which is for most their biggest investment in life seems under threat. Quite simply, whilst the very vast majority of subsidence situations are confidently diagnosed, mitigated, and repaired within a reasonable timescale, this is unavoidably a stressful and worrying time for most.

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