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The Forum for Subsidence Matters for Homeowners, Authorities, Insurers, Repairers, Professionals

Different industry sectors across subsidence recognise that there are fundamental issues that are common to all and a constructive way forward is to share understanding. Working together and jointly solving problems, advancing standards and practice and enhancing the effectiveness and profile of the industry is to the benefit of us all.

The Forum is open to any organisation or individual involved with the insured subsidence risk. Full details of aims and objectives, how the Forum works, member companies and current activity can be found on this site. The aim is to expand the website to provide industry news, links and knowledge.

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DATES FOR YOU DIARIES 2021- For dates of all of the upcoming meetings and events in 2021 please click here

PODCAST– The Subsidence Forum have released their second online podcast. In this episode, Sarah Dodd, Vice Chair of the Forum, is joined by Ron Mace, the Subsidence Forum Chair, Patrick Isaacs, the Head of Training and Special Interest Groups and Robert Withers, Executive Director of ASUC and Subsidence Forum Executive Board Member.

In this podcast, they discuss some of the questions that were previously asked at the hugely successful Training Day Webinars, held in October this year. To listen to the podcast please click here

TRAINING DAY - The lastest Subsidence Forum Training Day was held in a series of online webinars. The recordings of the webinars can be viewed online by clicking here

SUBSIDENCE HANDBOOK – A Practical Guide to subsidence in domestic property - 4th Edition available to purchase. For more information please contact the Forum directly



The Subsidence Forum provides a unique focal point for anyone involved in the subsidence industry delivering a range of benefits.

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